The Space Between IQ and EQ – TEDxKinnairdWomen

There are many women across the globe,  filled with passion, who share their revolutionary ideas and experiences through TEDxWomen. Taking in the spirit of TED’s mission, “ideas worth spreading,” this program is designed to put a spotlight on the plans, aims and experiences of women who have made a difference. TEDxKinnairdWomen aims to bring those women a little closer. It helps you to be motivated by a woman who herself, has once been inspired.

So once again, the young ladies of Kinnaird gathered in their college auditorium on December third, to hear  seven bright people who talked ‘the space between IQ and EQ’ in their own awe-inspiring  ways.  Pat Mitchell, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Paley Center of Media (the TEDxWomen venue), gave a brief introduction of TEDxWomen in accordance with the current theme, and kickstarted the session.  A best-selling author, journalist, speaker and corporate consultant, John Gerzema cheered up the female crowd as he proved with statistical survey that both male and female traits are uniformly needed to run the society. He is a pioneer in the use of data to identify social change and help companies anticipate and adapt to new interests and demands. Listening to a male speaker at TEDxWomen, so earnestly portraying the true role of a woman was an ultimate start to this event. Another speaker who was an audience favorite was  Emily Bazelon, an American journalist, senior editor for online magazine Slate, and a senior research fellow at Yale Law School. Her work as a writer focuses on law, abortion, and family issues. Bazelon has written a series on bullying and cyber bullying for Slate, called “Bull-E.” She backed Clifford Nass through her talk at TEDxWomen and convinced the audience that face-to-face contact is the best way to learn to read other people’s emotions. And it certainly is how kids learn empathy.

It is always easy to relate to a person who shares the same background and culture as you. With her story much closer to many other girls of Asia and the Middle East, Shabana Rasikh left the listeners emotionally touched. Born and raised in Kabul, this brave woman had left no stone unturned in order to seek something she valued most in life -Education. Stating in general, and by means of her historic tale, she expressed the value of an educated daughter.

Have you ever imagined of building a ‘neural network’ to diagnose breast cancer? Brittany Wenger has. This brainy 17-year old combined the fields of biology and computer science and has written a computer program that helps doctors diagnose breast cancer. As soon as Wenger’s  talk came to an end, everybody seemed to have met a mood swing. They were now dreaming bigger, hoping higher, and smiling wider.

And to represent the competitive stamina of a woman, Charlotte Beers and Amber Rubarth, two proficient women kept the audience intact by means of effective dialogue and lively music. Last but not the least, providing a splendid end to this event, Elizabeth Lindsey magnificently interpreted the theme, and affirmed that the space between IQ and EQ is wisdom.

To bring some fire to this cozy evening, volunteers arranged for high tea right outside the auditorium. A cup of hot tea in chilly hands was perhaps, a perfect end to this evening!

The world would not be what it is if there were no such women to steer it the right way. Women today are busier than ever and can be seen wading through all fields of struggle in life, side by side with men. No wonder we have so many women around us who are striving hard for their nations. And for anyone who would refuse to recognise he acheivements, well, they’ll just keep on moving forward and doing better till they show everyone the true meaning of girl power.

Storyteller: Zoya Hasan

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