Jay Jaboneta is an Acumen Fund Global Fellow and the Co-Founder of the Yellow Boat of  Hope Foundation, an organization that helps children who swim to school in the Philippines.

Currently residing in Lahore, Pakistan, Jay is working with Pharmagen Water, a joint venture between Pharmagen Ltd and Acumen Fund to provide clean, safe, affordable drinking water to the underprivileged.

Jay is a hungry man. He eats at least a hundred books a year, loves chocolate and sometimes can’t live without coffee. He has worked for organizations as diverse as the Office of the President of the Philippines, Procter & Gamble Philippines, and Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd.

You can reach him at www.twitter.com/jayjaboneta or www.jayjaboneta.com.




Saba Aziz is currently Pakistan’s number 1 female tennis player. Winner of multiple national titles, Saba is a member of the Pakistan Federation Cup team and has represented the country in China and Thailand. She made history in 2008 by becoming the first Pakistani to ever win a main round match of an ITF Ladies event. As a junior, other than being ranked number 1 in Pakistan, she reached an ITF Junior World Ranking of 457. In March 2012, Saba made it to Newsweek Pakistan’s “Top 100 Women Who Matter in Pakistan”.

Saba is a University of London graduate and a Fulbright scholarship recipient, who will be leaving for USA next Fall to pursue her Masters in sports journalism. Currently, she is writing for the sports pages of ‘Pakistan Today’.






For 4 Paee, being a Garage Band pertains to incorporating everyday items and household materials in performances and making music out of them. Creativity, rhythm and style are the only things that matter. 4 Paee (pronounced as Char-payee), a group of four, incorporates all three to create music that is both innovative and refreshing.

Having secured fourth place in the Red Bull Tum Tum Pa competition in Rio De Janeiro, 4 Paee has given freestyle drumming a much needed kick-start here in Pakistan and hope to build on this foundation that they have laid for all the aspiring musicians of the country.





Sehar is a certified feminist with a Bacherlor’s degree in Women and Gender Studies from Yale University and also a certified nerd with a Masters in Public Affairs and International Development from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School. She was a founding member of the think tank Jinnah Institute and continues to be a research fellow and contribute to the institute’s research and policy discourse on education, governance and extremism.

Sehar is also dedicated to the pursuit of good food, all things pink and is prone to fits of laughter at inopportune moments.

Follow her on Twitter : @sehartariq

Or on her blog: www.sehartariq.wordpress.com




Mehran Khan is a self-taught concept artist, and a Digital Painter. Currently working as the Art Director at We.R.play Ltd. Pakistan, Mehran started his career as a texture painter at Trango Interactive. Since then he has been involved in projects for various brands including Lexus, Scion & Hyundi.

An art enthusiast and an avid science fiction fan, Mehran moonlights as a comic artist and is currently working on Pakistan’s first free graphic novel Vultora written by his brother Hassan Khan. His artworks have been featured in international publications such as Ballistic’s Expose and the Expotique art books.





Inspired by an American group of writers and poets that were active in the 1950s, Lahore Beat Poets is a performance group that brings writers, poets and musicians together to create a musical performance.
The Lahore Beat Poets vocabulary is diverse, from performing in Urdu, Punjabi and English to being influenced by the cadences of jazz, classical music and Rock and Roll.







Saad is a banker turned lawyer, having left the comforts and glitter of Investment Banking at Merrill Lynch, New York, to start his private practice of law in Pakistan.  He focuses primarily on Constitutional Law and Fundamental Rights litigation… which is a glorified way of saying that, for the most part, he is unemployed.

Saad writes a weekly op-ed column in the leading English daily newspaper, Pakistan Today, and regularly contributes to The News and Dawn.  He is also an Adjunct Faculty at the Lahore University of Management and Sciences (LUMS).

Saad has a Masters in Finance from Wharton Business School and an LL.M. in Constitutional Law from Harvard Law School, where he was the Commencement Speaker in 2011.







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  1. rick passo says:

    Jay and his incredible @YellowBoat project are an inspiration to everyone, everywhere!!

    While I never “formally” did nominate Jay, I was confident that he would be selected and that he WILL be a shining star in your upcoming forum:
    “Like everywhere else Lahore deserves HOPE! I know that you would be a wonderful addition to its slate of speakers in 2013 and I will be thrilled to nominate you!

    As you and Magali demonstrated in TEDxMontpelier, HOPE! is recognized and felt and inspired! everywhere by everyone.

    The type of HOPE that you will demonstrate and generate will rock the Lahore stage, of that I am confident! You are a consummate storyteller and your story of inter-ethnic collaboration on the part of children and on behalf of a remote sitio in the heart of Muslim Philippines will surely resonate with the audience in Pakistan.

    Your VOICE is truly universal and uplifting, as you already have proven in France and elsewhere.”

    It is a true honor to know Jay. I admire him greatly!!

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