Follow-up Friday – Jazib Zahir

Jazib has graduated from Stanford and LUMS and has worked with technology companies in Pakistan and the United States. He is presently Chief Operations Officer of Tintash, a Lahore based startup that develops games and applications for platforms like Facebook and the iPhone.


In 2011, Jazib Zahir took the TEDxKinnaird stage to talk about  videogames and how they present the option of a more interactive learning environment by making learning a fun experience.

The TEDxKinnaird team decided to catch up with Jazib and talk about his current projects and life since TEDxKinnaird 2011.

What keeps you busy these days? 

Back at TEDxKinnaird in 2011, I presented on the use of game design as an educational tool. Since then I’ve worked on several projects involving games for smartphones and tablets that teach people about arithmetic, algebra and geography. I’ve also worked on several projects that involve using gaming elements for practical purposes like motivating salespeople. Seems like the gamification of all kinds of software is a future direction of the industry!

I’ve also found that designing games and applications is a wonderful intellectual exercise and have often used it as part of classes I teach at LUMS to encourage students to think creatively.

Are there any new projects you would like to share with us?

I’ve also become involved with d.light, a social business that manufactures solar-powered consumer products like lights and cell phone chargers in rural areas. I’ve helped set them up in Pakistan and am currently helping them expand their operations through partnerships with NGOs, corporations and the government.

I’ve picked up journalism as another side activity that gives me an outlet to share success stories from Pakistan on entrepreneurship. I’ve been writing a regular column for The News/Jang Money Matters section and also for WAMDA, a blog that connects investors and entrepreneurs across Asia and Africa.

Most of all, I’ve been enjoying playing a role in mentoring many young students with an interest in business and entrepreneurship. I’ve made it back to Kinnaird for every TEDx and Kinnaird Business Week since then.

What do you have to say about the work that TEDxKinnaird is doing?

I think TEDxKinnaird is the only TEDx around that sustains interest throughout the calendar year through a dedicated society. I felt TEDxKinnaird 2012 was even better than the 2011 incarnation in that the quality of talks and audience engagement was even higher. A tremendous amount of effort seems to go into picking the theme, preparing the speakers and making associated arrangements. I have benefited tremendously from the contacts I have made at two instances of TEDxKinnaird and have certainly come away humbled and inspired by all the energy around me. I’m glad to see that it has become a regular instance on the intellectual calendar. I must appreciate the dedicated team behind this endeavour and look forward to the future events.

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