How do I register to attend TEDxKinnaird?
Fill out the form on our registration page. Please make sure and be thorough, as we want to get to know you! You will be put on our list to attend the event.

Once I register, does that mean I’m automatically accepted? How do I purchase my ticket?
No. Registration is a multi-step process. The registration form is only the first required step. Once we’ve processed your application, you will receive an email on the email address you have specified with further instructions regarding purchasing your ticket etc.
Please keep in mind that our seats are limited, so not everyone may be able to attend.

Am I chosen to attend / not attend the event based upon my application?
Our goal with TEDxKinnaird is to have as diverse group of people as possible come together. College and university students would be preferred on application, but professionals are encouraged to apply as well. Although you have a much better chance of getting into TEDxKinnaird by registering early, as it is first-come first-serve, we do view all registrants’ applications and reserve the right to choose participants to ensure the best possible combination of people – TED devotees, academics, tech people, innovators, entrepreneurs and newcomers alike – from Lahore and beyond.

When is the event?
TEDxKinnaird will take place on February 16, 2013 at Kinnaird College, Lahore.

Am I allowed to bring guests?
Your registration form pertains only to you; no additional guests are allowed. If friends or family members want to attend, please have them fill out and submit the registration form as well.

Can I sign up for more than one seat?
We have chosen to require each attendee to register separately for TEDxKinnaird. This is because we want to learn about you as an individual, so you can find people to share ideas with at the event. Please DO NOT copy your personal information into another family or friend’s application — we are making custom badges for each attendee based on this information, so it is crucial we learn about you and do not get duplicate information.

If I don’t have my pass with me on the day of the event, though I received one, will I be able to get into TEDxKinnaird?
Yes. If you have completed all of the necessary registration steps, we will have a badge for you and your name will be on the list. Simply show up on time with at least one form of ID, and we will admit you to the event.

What time does the event start?
Details about the event program will be made available as we come closer to the event.

How long will the event last?
The event will end by 8:00 pm.

I have more questions that are not answered here. How can I get my concerns solved?
If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to write to team.tedxkinnaird@gmail.com. The TEDxKinnaird team will contact you promptly.

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