TEDGlobal Simulcast

What is life? And how can it be better lived? From the secrets of the biological processes that take place in our body, to the cultural constructs that take place in our society; from the technologies and resources that make life possible and enjoyable, to the themes that define our humanity — or threaten it: TEDGlobal 2011 will be a celebration of life, in all its forms.
TEDGlobal 2011 will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland, July 11-15, 2011.

TEDxLive is an extension of the TEDx program, launched by TED in 2010. TEDxLive events are TEDx events built around the live webcast of TED Conferences. TEDxLive events enable TED enthusiasts all over the world to experience live sessions of the TED Conference; events can be simple viewing events, and may also host live speakers.

Kinnaird College will be hosting TEDxKinnairdLive for its student body on July 13, 2011.

TEDxKinnairdLive covered by iWrite

TEDxKinnairdLive was covered by iWrite, Pakistan’s first academic magazine. To see event pictures and report check iWrite’s link.


TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a non-profit organization devoted to ‘ideas worth spreading.’ TED has brought together people from different fields to share their ingenious views and experiences with the audience. It is currently being hosted in Mysore, India where hundreds of speakers and attendees have gathered for the first TED ever held in South Asia.

Kinnaird College for Women hosted TEDxKinnairdLive yesterday, an independently-organized event for its student body. Students at the Kinnaird College were shown a live screening of the conference that entailed a number of speakers, live music and tech demos. On the first day of the event, students and teachers assembled together to get acquainted with the TED concept. Mallika Sarabhai, Harsha Bhogle and Pranav Mistry spoke with an excited audience from around the world.

Students at the Kinnaird College got an exclusive opportunity to view the conference; thereafter, they gathered in the conference room to talk about their favorite speakers.

Kinnaird Hosting TEDxKinnairdLive

Expanding upon the TEDx program introduced by TED, Kinnaird College is hosting TEDxKinnairdLive, an independently organized TED event. TED’s official event, TEDIndia 2009, starting November 5 will be live streamed at Kinnaird College for the student body enabling curious minds to experience the conference with its array of engaging speakers, live music and tech demos. TEDIndia will be exploring the theme “The Future Beckons” from not only the Indian but the South Asian point of view. The conference ends on November 7.