TEDxKinnaird 2012

Speakers for 2012

After much thought and deliberation, the TEDxKinnaird team has put together a dynamic speaker line-up of young, multi-talented individuals, you may not have heard of but should definitely know about.

Ghulam Rasool

Ghulam Rasool’s first encounter with wildlife came on a bird-hunting trip and his fascination with nature’s creatures soon turned into a passion. He has had the chance to travel to familiar and remote wetlands all over the country and has worked as a nature photographer for WWF Pakistan. Over the years his work has been featured in prestigious publications such as Birding ASIA, the bi-annual magazine of the Oriental Bird Club, as well as in Russell Slack’s acclaimed Rare Birds book.

Muhammad Adeel

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Muhammad Adeel, a student of Biotechnology at Forman Christian College University, has served as the President of the senior Biological Society. He is part of a research project on “Phylogenetic Study” project, whose premise is to isolate beneficial bacteria from the cotton soil, in order to add to the disease resistance property of cotton. He is deeply interested in how social media can be used to add benefit to research in biotechnology and aspires to integrate the sequence of human genes into a social network that would assist people and doctors alike.

Moin Khan

Khan is a recent graduate from San Francisco State University. While he was a full time student he was also working as a professional swim coach which helped him pay his bills all through university. Upon graduating he started working for a Bay Area startup company ‘SecretBuilders’ but after a few months he felt the need to step out of this 9 to 5 life and live a life that he always dreamed about.

Riding a motorcycle then became an escape for adventurism which led Khan to explore the world. A little bit of his craziness and a lot of passion helped Khan trot the globe alone. He spent June through December 2011 travelling from San Francisco, California to Lahore, Pakistan on his Honda CBR F4i sports bike. Bad weather, dangerous roads and a deadly accident, Khan weathered them all on an epic journey that has garnered great support from nearly all the places he crossed. His ‘Agenda’ was to meet ordinary people along the way — showing them another side of Pakistan and seeing for himself another side of others.

Hajira Khan

Currently in her senior year at Kinnaird College, Hajira Khan is committed to making the world a better place by volunteering her time and working with disadvantaged groups and youth at risk. In the past two years Hajira has worked with several non-profits from across the globe. She is also the founding member of an action group called The Guardians, which has been recognized for its commitment by the Clinton Global Initiative and by the British Council, which gave it the National Active Citizen Award 2010. She has represented Pakistan as a youth activist at several international conferences and is currently working on an educational campaign named Ilmpossible.

Hussain Nadim

Hussain Nadim is a faculty member teaching Political Science at NUST Business School, and Philosophy at Quaid-e-Azam University in Islamabad. He completed his undergraduate studies from George Washington University in the USA, was a research fellow at University of Oxford, and later completed his MPhil in International Relations from the University of Cambridge where he was a Commonwealth Scholar. He serves as a honorary research fellow in several policy think tanks leading research projects. He is also the author of ‘The Forgotten Fathers: Muslim Philosophers of the Golden Age of Islam’.

Mashal Peerzada

Having grown up in a culture of art, film and the imagination, Mashal Peerzada has spent her youth learning and working in the thrilling environment of the World Performing Arts Festival as well as representing Pakistan in cultural festivals around the World. She is a screenwriter / director for theatre, film and television. She has trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London and graduated from the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, California. In her professional career Mashal has written and directed several sit-com, serials and telefilms for local networks such as Hum TV  and has worked on several international co-productions.

Ahmed Wali

Having graduated from the National University of Singapore with an aim to build the world’s biggest toy company out of Lahore, Ahmed Aqeel studies how people use technology products, tries out ways to solve usage problems, and ensures that they have an entertaining experience. He has worked with the best designers, developers, artists and entrepreneurs from around the world during his adventures in Karachi, Dubai, Singapore and Boston. Three years ago, he joined Game Ventures to focus on reconnecting friends over multiplayer sports games. On weekends he can be found playing with LEGO and Arduino Bots.

Ali Aftab Saeed

Journalist, columnist, director/producer, actor, documentary maker; Ali Aftab Saeed is one multi-talented individual. His experience in main stream media production and journalism goes back 7 years. Apart from all these, Saeed also has a knack for writing witty lyrical compositions. This, paired with his passion for singing was what gave birth to the much acclaimed band Beyghairat Brigade. He is also the managing director of a theatre company.

Tanzila Khan

Tanzila Khan is a story of struggles and accomplishments that has redefined her identity and given her life a new perspective. Be it completion of a manuscript or a social charity drive, everything holds a significant place in her life. Keeping her restricted mobility to a side, she has achieved much for any individual of her age and desires to go on. Other than painting and writing books, she likes to wok for education and disability rights in Pakistan. To help provide a platform to those who hold interests just like hers, she inaugurated her production company, ‘Creative Alley‘, which is purely an effort to cater to those individuals who face problems in making their creations accessible to the world.

Announcing the Minds Without Fear Design Competition


Here are just a couple of rules/guidelines we think you should know:

- The poster should include both the theme, i.e., Mind Without Fear, and the TEDxKinnaird logo.

– In order to use the TEDxKinnaird logo – you can access both versions here.

– Please respect people’s designs and do not copy them. It’s hard to miss blatant plagiarism and any entries that disregard this rule will be automatically disqualified. 

- Poster dimensions should be A3.

There are no limits to your imagination, or so we hope! Give us your most creative and craziest ideas – we’re looking forward to an inspired lot. Remember: last date for submission is February 5, 2012. Send you entries to: info@tedxkinnaird.com

Two lucky winners of the design competition will get the chance to attend TEDxKinnaird 2012. ExciTED? So are we!