TEDxKinnaird 2011

Talks 2011

We’re pleased to share Talks from TEDxKinnaird 2011.

Jazib Zahir – Integrating Technology and Learning through Video Games

Video games developer, Jazib Zahir takes on the question of video games and how they present the option of a more interactive learning environment by making learning a fun experience.


Natasha Noorani – Your World Through a New Lens

Co-founder of Snapistan, Natasha Noorani, makes a case for using photography as a tool for change.


Sonya Rehman – The Power of Citizen Journalism

In this talk, Sonya Rehman, recounts the power of citizen journalism via social networking websites and gives her viewpoint on how citizen journalism can pave way for activism.


Faisal Mehmood – The New Frontier of Medical Research

Inventor and Researcher, Faisal Mahmood, reveals the novel concept of alleviating pain and depression through Electrotherapy Stimulation.


Mehreen Kasana – Art as an Invaluable Teaching Tool

Mehreen Kasana, explores the possibilities of using art to break down the restrictive walls constructed by an old-fashioned educational system and encourages us to bring out our true, creative selves through self expression.


Younas Chowdry: Fusing Theatre with Social Revolution

First three Talks from TEDxKinnaird 2011 are now online!

First three talks from TEDxKinnaird 2011: Rethinking Us are now online! Have a look at our Talks section. We would love to get your feedback on what you thought of our speakers and their ideas. Don’t hesitate to develop conversations around the ideas presented by our speakers! You can leave us a comment on info@tedxkinnaird.com

We’ll be releasing the remaining talks in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, please be patient.

TEDxKinnaird 2011 comes to an end

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in making TEDxKinnaird a success! We’ve uploaded images from the conference to our Flickr and will be uploading videos in some time. Meanwhile, we’d love to hear from our attendees about their experience at TEDxKinnaird. Please do send us feedback through the attendee form we’ve already emailed you all. In case you’d like to send additional feedback our way, write to us at info@tedxkinnaird.com

Apply to Attend for TEDxKinnaird 2011!

Attend. Listen. Rethink.

We are proud to open the attendee application form for TEDxKinnaird 2011. This year more than ever we are looking for attendees who are excited to join in the TEDx family by bringing their own enthusiasm to the table.

Anyone can apply but this is more than just a checklist. It is an opportunity for us to know who YOU are.

Are you a change agent? A professional? Passionate about ideas worth spreading? An enthusiastic TEDster? Simply curious?

So it is not just about a few speakers sharing their ideas but platform for like minded individuals (you!) who can share their own passions and why they care for TEDxKinnaird. We are seeking to challenge not only our audience with our choice of speakers but also our speakers with our diverse attendees.

So apply now and see how YOU can contribute to breaking comfort zones… to rethinking… to transforming current notions and to broadening perspectives.

Announcing Speakers for TEDxKinnaird 2011

We’re happy to announce our first batch of speakers for the 2011 conference. Speaker selection has been a¬†grueling¬†process, but we’re proud of being able to work with highly motivated and driven individuals who are excited about being a part of the TEDxKinnaird experience.

Watch this space, as we update our speaker roster with fresh, new faces who are dedicated to their ‘ideas worth spreading’. We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to leave us a comment on our facebook page.