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Areej Mehdi [Curator]

Areej is in a bit of a quandary when deciding what to tell about herself. She’s a self-proclaimed TED enthusiast who has the eat-drink-sleep TED routine perfected to a tee. A recent graduate of Kinnaird College for Women, she is the organizer of TEDxKinnaird, Pakistan’s oldest university-style TED event. Being an English Major allows her the luxury to bang her head on the walls when any grammatically incorrect person and/or thing passes her by. Her interests vary from reading up on quantum mechanics and just about anything written on a piece of paper to blogging (irregularly) about things that make no sense. She can usually be found editing just about anything (from the back of cereal boxes,Punjabboard text books and political slogans) while trying to rid the world of zombie unicorns. On a rainy day you will find her, TEpoD in hand, swooning over dozens of TEDTalks.

Areej is highly concerned with the educational opportunities for children and would like to work on the possibility of revising syllabus across Pakistan.

Her motto: ‘I judge not by the colour of the skin, but by the content of the talk’.

Aiman Nabeel [Society President]

After three years of being a Business student at Kinnaird, Aiman believes more strongly than ever in the fact that everything happens for a reason. And so she had found hers: TEDxKinnaird. She gets immensely captivated by lights and colours and has got very little control over her creative imagination. You can say the D in TED defines her. A person with the ability to shape views, ideas, and actions of others, she is happiest around people. She possess a cool temperament, and knows how to relax and just let go. She gets addicted to things very easily for excruciatingly long periods of time. Finds intensified horror movies very delightful. Loves to travel, explore new things and collect all kinds of souvenirs (from key chains to travel cards, shopping receipts etc.).

Her Motto: “The secret of life…is to fall seven times and to get up eight times.” – Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist).

Maryam Mirza [Director Content Management and HR] 

Aspiring novelist, not-really-a-closet poet, blogger; Maryam is a sophomore at Kinnaird majoring in Media Studies. She enjoys sitting in corners with a book and a bag of cheetos and read till the world around her melts away. Not much of a talker, she is terrible at making small talk, but give her a pen and a paper and she can fill pages with random and inane thoughts. She writes letters to Sylvia Plath when bored.

Maryam is also an editor for e-magazine Ideas Evolved and is also spearheading the online literary and arts journal Reality Romanticized.

She hates being told that she should be studying Literature.

Noor Rana [Director of Speaker Relations]

Noor is someone who is very inquisitive of life. She is someone who tries to find meaning wherever she goes; She puts everything she’s got into every minute thing she does. Being a very light-hearted Hollywood Enthusiast, Noor offers an alarmingly considerable amount of her time to TV shows and everything social media related  which can clearly be seen through her intense ‘facebook-ing’ and ‘tweeting’ routine. Good thing about that is, when there’s news, no matter what it is, Noor will always have it before you do! Being a literature student with a creative appetite who’s fluent in three different languages and has lived abroad her entire life does have its effects on an individual. Because, believe it or not, when she starts talking, she talks! And it’s nearly impossible to make her stop! Noor is someone who has a flare for meeting new people, she believes that the more people you meet, the broader your mind gets, and the better equipped you are for life and all the surprises it has in store for you.

Amna Raja [Speaker Coordination]

Come hail or high water, Amna  can be counted on to get the job done. She is not always comfortable being in charge but makes a great second-in-command. Being a Psychology Major does not prevent her from being slightly obsessive compulsive- (she calls it being organised). Her passion for all things TED stem from the variety of TEDTalks that combine her love for literature, economics, mythology, art and geekdom on one platform. Though it is difficult for her to relax she likes to kick back with her iPod & a good book or a new Japanese Manga. She is a strong advocate of a “comfortable silence” and those who interrupt her reading with inane conversation do so at their own peril.

She may be thought of as a dragon by the TEDxKinnaird team; but she would tell you to bring her chocolate and all will be forgiven.

Her motto: What can be said in ten words can be said in two.

nonsense; it wakes up the brain cells. She has been a part of TEDxKinnaird since its inception and takes great pride in the work she has put in for it.

Minahil Mehdi [Director of Attendee Relations]

Minahil is a humorous yet ambitious being, driven by her passion for work and anything that even slightly hints the word “Science”. The T in TED is what really inspires her, also became the root cause for her initial interest, and hence she embraced the world of TED. She is currently majoring in the subject of Biotechnology by which she hopes to open up to newer ideas and havens which are yet to be discovered. Not to mention how she secretly hopes that microorganisms will soon become the sole saviors to rid the world of many calamities. Being a strong optimist she firmly believes that one learns from making mistakes again and again until one gets tired of making them.

It is only fitting to mention that Harry Potter, conspiracy theories, food, movies and aliens are topics that would keep her engrossed at any time of the day. She is more of a conversationalist and handles matters through mutual understanding.

A thought that prevails in her mind is best explained by the words of Einstein: “A question that sometimes drives me crazy: Am I or are the others crazy?

Haniyyah Omair [Director of Logistics]

When asked to describe herself in one word, Haniyyah could only reply, “random.” Her interests, hobbies and routine differ each day and according to her altering behavior and take on life. Some things that remain constant in her life are music, her love for art and poetry, and writing. You will also find her inventing new things when it comes to food…not everything turns out right always, but for her, that’s the beauty and fun of the whole process-experimenting and trying new things, adding a unique ingredient to a simple dish and owning it. She likes to surround herself around people who are loyal and trustworthy towards her. Although this might be considered stating the obvious for those who know her, family always comes first to this girl. Being an English Literature Major student, Haniyyah takes great interest in reading but what inspires her most is poetry. A couple of her poems were published in her Middle School magazine and she can be found pouring her heart out on paper through art. She has also been a part of her Debates Society during her O’Levels, earning first and second position for the team. Aside from that, her favorite sports are volleyball, basketball, cricket, tennis and American football.

Noor Rehman [Director of Marketing and PR]

A Political Science Major who hates being told that she should be studying Arts or Literature, Noor is among other things: a blogger, an RJ, a MUNer, a newly minted fashionista in over drive (or so her sisters insist), a tomboy with a love of dance, basketball,  and the theater and a dreamer. You can normally find her in a tree somewhere, reading, or in a secluded corner of Kinnaird with a sketch pad in her lap and coloured pens and odd scraps of paper all around her. Or you could just look for Maryam, since they’re normally in each others company. She has an odd addiction to Lemon Malt, chocolate, Rock, Rap, Adam Lambert, Anime, 30SecondsToMars and Noam Chomsky. Basically, if there is a situation involving any of these, she’ll be there. Oh, and she names her closest friends after characters from Alice in Wonderland. Don’t ask.

Alina Younis [Director of Media]

Alina Younis is an aspiring photographer, a freshman at Kinnaird, majoring in IR. She deems it impossible to be defined. Her interests include photography, politics and music. The official photographer for TEDxKinnaird, she is also running her own brand by the name of Pictoroleena. Her motto “I don’t believe in shooting what it looks like I shoot what it feels like.”

Amna Rehman [Director of Set Design]

Amna Rehman is a BBA student who has been working with TEDx Kinnaird for the last two years. She has a zest for life and being a Leo, loves to play with colours.  She also like adventures and taking risks.  It is her hobby to put  creative thoughts in a way that can amaze others.  She works hard to maintain a balance in work, personality and strives for a better result. Food is her biggest weakness.

Aamnah Akram [Webmaster]

Aamnah gets inspired by ingenious ideas and beautiful designs. She is a coffee addict who’s naturally inclined towards the challenging and unusual. This includes learning Chinese, setting up websites, working as a hobby, and programming for fun. According to intelligence tests she has an IQ higher than 70% of the Pakistani population. She graduated with Mass Communication and Mathematics as her major subjects and is currently pursuing a masters in Media Studies at Kinnaird. Aamnah is confident of her abilities and believes everyone has the same potential.



Also, a big hurrah to our team of dedicated volunteers without whom his would not have been possible.

 Zoya Hassan

Sana Shams

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